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All you need to know about facade repairs


A façade renovation, also known as a façade restoration, consists in carrying out construction work that contributes to the good maintenance and durability of a building's façade.

Over time, the facades of houses and other buildings deteriorate, either due to the limited lifespan of some materials used outdoors or due to meteorological factors. This deterioration can be only visual or also structural and security-wise, which can cause damage to the inhabitants themselves and to third parties.

For this reason, the objective of façade restoration is to ensure an optimal visual appearance while guaranteeing the safety of all people who come into contact with the building, whether they are inhabitants, users or pedestrians.

In Palma de Mallorca, being a coastal area, the renovation of facades is usually necessary from time to time due to the effects of the sun, heat and humidity typical of a coastal city.


The risk of detachment, aesthetic inefficiency, the appearance of cracks or problems in balconies and floors are some of the main reasons why the repair and restoration of facades is carried out.

In this sense, we have to bear in mind that the need to restore a facade is not only given by a deteriorated visual appearance, but by the possible damage that the poor condition of our facade may cause to third parties, since it endangers the safety of the people who are near the building in question.

In addition, a facade in poor condition can also cause damage or inconvenience to the properties of the inhabitants or users of a building. It is very common for the appearance of cracks to result in the formation of humidity inside the building during the rainiest seasons.

Also, a restored or repaired façade has the aim of achieving better energy efficiency in the building. This leads to lower energy consumption and expenses for the owners of the building, thus being able to achieve considerable annual savings in all types of energy bills.


As is often the case with complete renovations, the price of façade renovation tends to be largely determined by the number of square meters of the building's façade. Obviously, other factors such as the type of materials also play a part, which will depend on the objective with which this maintenance work is carried out.

As professionals in the construction sector, Cosendra always offers you a wide variety of options and different price ranges for each facade restoration project in Mallorca. In this way, the client can study each of the options and choose the one that suits them best according to the needs of the building whose façade is to be repaired.


The maintenance of the facade of a building generally has three main benefits.

First is the useful life and structural safety of the building. A facade restoration can be carried out on structural elements such as roofs and foundations, especially when cracks or fissures have been identified in the facade that can worsen over time.

On the other hand, it is necessary to guarantee the energy efficiency of every building, and a facade in good condition is essential to achieve this objective. In this sense, the restoration involves insulation work after a study of the building's thermal behavior.

And finally, the visual aspect of the facade of every building is also important, especially in a place as emblematic and touristy as Palma de Mallorca.

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