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On the one hand, concrete pavements are one of the most respectful with the environment, since it is a 100% recyclable material with high CO2 absorption properties.

The durability of this material is also one of its great advantages. Its 40-year useful life makes it a very attractive material to use, as it represents considerable savings by not having to be replaced very frequently. Furthermore, during this period of time, the maintenance of concrete pavements is also very economical. And finally, concrete is a very safe material since it is not flammable.

Cosendra recommends the use of printed concrete for paving exterior surfaces.

Printed concrete, also called stamped, is nothing more than a pavement whose surface is treated with a type of treatment that allows printing, textures and colours to be made while the concrete is still fresh.

Given the versatility of stamped concrete, it is an exterior pavement with which we can achieve a series of results according to our needs. For example, we can achieve surfaces that simulate construction elements such as stone or slate, but with the advantageous properties of concrete. In addition, one of its flagship properties is its non-slip property, which makes this material an ideal element for the construction of ramps for the disabled or for the surroundings or edges of swimming pools, avoiding the danger of a slippery floor.

Polished concrete pavement and epoxy resin



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