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A complete renovation is, in short, a work that includes the reconstruction of all the elements of a specific space, whether this is a home, commercial premises or some other space capable of being renovated.

For this reason, when we talk about a comprehensive house or office renovation, it is common that it involves a remodeling of all the rooms, such as the kitchen, bedrooms, corridors, bathrooms, patio, garden, etc. Sometimes it may even involve a redistribution of the different rooms that make up the home or premises.

Cosendra has carried out countless renovations in and around Palma de Mallorca, so your renovation project will be in the best hands.


In general, the right time to carry out a complete office or home renovation is usually when an old property is just acquired, or when a home has been inhabited for many years without any regular maintenance work.

Although the need to carry out renovation works is usually obvious, on other occasions it can be difficult to determine exactly when a comprehensive remodeling of our home, building or commercial premises is necessary.

Therefore, at Cosendra we are at your entire disposal not only to develop and carry out renovation projects, but also to answer your questions and possible doubts that you may have in relation to remodeling your home or premises. Customer satisfaction and peace of mind is always our top priority.


The price of a complete renovation depends entirely on the project to be carried out. As you might expect, renovations of larger spaces tend to cost more, while renovations that affect fewer rooms or elements have a lower price.

However, the price of complete renovations in Palma is precisely one of the things that differentiates Cosendra from other construction companies in Mallorca. Being a family construction company, we fully understand the financial means of our clients, and we adapt our budgets to the needs of each client and their project. We always offer the highest quality renovation service, the best materials and an unbeatable customer service, regardless of the purchasing power of the client or the investment in their project.

In addition, Cosendra has its own Construction Director, trained and qualified to carry out complete renovations that do not modify the structure of the property. In this way, you can save more than € 6,000, as it is not necessary to hire an architect.

If you need a quote for a home renovation in Palma, do not hesitate to contact us. We will make you a fully detailed estimate, adapted to your needs and without obligation.


If it is a work that does not involve changes in the structure of the house, the project is carried out with a qualified project manager to carry out the renovation. Cosendra has its own Construction Director to carry out all kinds of renovations without structural changes. As we have already seen, this represents considerable savings for our clients, since there is no need to hire an architect.

On the other hand, when a work is carried out that includes changes in the structure of a house or premises, it must begin with a construction project prepared and signed off by an architect, which guarantees that the remodeling complies with all legal regulations in force in the area for this type of work.

Cosendra works with the best architects on the island to ensure that we can offer a quality renovations service that fully complies with both national and regional regulations, as well as local urban planning laws and ordinances.

Once a work plan is in place, we execute the project step by step from start to finish, coordinating all the necessary specialists and technicians to carry out the work. In addition, we work hand in hand with the client to ensure that they are completely satisfied with the end result.

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